In-Home Care Bastrop TX - In-Home Care: How to Prevent Bedsores in a Bedridden Parent

In-Home Care: How to Prevent Bedsores in a Bedridden Parent

When a parent is bedridden, bedsores are one of the harder aspects of their care. A home health care nurse may be required to help with wound care when it happens. Did you know that in-home care services are an excellent way to prevent bedsores from happening in the first place?

Aim for Foods That Are High in Antioxidants

Bedsores are caused by pressure on areas of the body when you’re remaining in one position for hours every day. The skin becomes raw and may ooze or bleed.

Choose foods that are high in antioxidants to promote skin health and healing. Leafy green vegetables, fruits, and sweet potatoes are examples of antioxidant-rich foods. Your mom or dad may not eat solid foods, but you can turn any of those into fruit and vegetable smoothies that can be sipped through a straw.

Drink Plenty of Water

Avoid dry skin by making sure your parent drinks plenty of water every day. Dry skin is more likely to crack and chafe. If your mom or dad’s skin is dry, make sure you apply a protective moisturizer to prevent cracking.

Keep the Skin Clean and Moisturized

A bedridden parent is likely wearing incontinence briefs. While they absorb urine, the urine can be irritating to the skin. Keeping skin clean and moisturized with a protective cream must be a regular part of your parent’s care.

Have In-Home Care Aides Move Positions Regularly 

Shift your mom or dad’s position regularly. You can purchase mattresses that make this easy to do with a remote. Otherwise, get someone to help you turn your parent every couple of hours to eliminate the risk of pressure sores.

Wash With a Soft Cloth

When washing your mom or dad’s skin, use a soft washcloth and never scrub the skin. Washcloths designed for infants are incredibly gentle and perfect for bedsore prevention. Use a mild soap that doesn’t have harsh ingredients like perfumes.

Talk to an In-Home Care Expert About Skin Care and Hygiene

Proper personal care and hygiene help lower the risk of bedsores. By making sure your parent is shifted from time to time, isn’t lying on soiled bedding, and has someone washing the skin and applying protective lotions, bedsores don’t have to happen.

What if you don’t have every hour free to take care of your mom or dad? Call our in-home care agency and discuss personal care and hygiene if your parent cannot get out of bed. With a caregiver helping with toileting, hygiene, and personal care, the risk of bedsores is immediately lowered.

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