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Home Care Help for Health Conscious Tips for Eating Healthy

Whenever a holiday or family gathering comes around, you might notice that your elderly loved one starts eating unhealthy. With some holidays, your elderly loved one may even be sitting around much more than they normally are. If this is the case, it is important to talk to your elderly loved one about being more health conscious around the gathering. There are actually many health conscious tips for the holidays that could benefit your elderly loved one all year long. Their home care providers can help them with these tips too.

Homely Foods

What does your elderly loved one usually eat around the holidays? Are they often snacking on pies and overeating during meals? If this is happening, it would be a good idea to plan ahead. Talk to your elderly loved one about their calorie intake and about eating healthier. One of the tips that can help your elderly loved one to eat healthier is to make homely foods. For instance, if they really enjoy Italian food, you can look online with them to find healthy Italian food recipes. The more your elderly loved one gets involved in choosing the recipes, the more likely they will be to eat better around the holidays.

Keep Moving

Another great tip for your elderly loved one to be healthier around festive gatherings is to keep them moving. Many people will sit down a lot around the events. One reason for this is because they are socializing. If this is what your elderly loved one usually does, convince them to get up and move around more. You or one of the home care providers could walk with them. You can also encourage your elderly loved one to walk while they are on the phone with their family members and friends. This can be a great way for them to get more steps in.

Drinking Healthier

Does your elderly loved one usually drink unhealthy around these events? Whether they are drinking too much pop or alcohol, there are healthier options. Some of the healthier things your elderly loved one can drink include tea, water, and smoothies. There are many different teas and smoothies that you or a senior care provider could make for your elderly loved one.

Home Care Services can Help

These are some of the many health conscious tips for eating, drinking, and moving better around the gatherings. If your elderly loved one normally struggles to stay healthy around any holiday throughout the year, hopefully, these tips can help them to do better this year. If they still need help, maybe you or a home care aide could be an accountability partner.

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