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Home Care Assistance and Safe Cooking for Seniors

Now is a great time to make sure that your senior loved one has everything they need to cook safely and lower the risk of fires. Fires are a big problem for seniors. Senior have a great risk of dying in the house fire compared to other populations so seniors, who have slow reaction times and may not able to move fast, need to pay close attention to ways that they can lower their risk of losing everything in a fire. It’s great for seniors to cook healthy meals for themselves at home, but cooking can also increase the risk of a house fire. Having home care assistance services can add to the safety of your senior.

If your senior loved one likes to cook meals and you want to make sure that they are cooking safely you and their home care assistance aides should:

Get Fire Resistant Oven Mitts

Every senior’s kitchen should have plenty of pairs of flame resistant oven mitts and pot holders. Flame resistant oven mitts cost a little more than the cheap oven mitts you can find at discount stores or big box stores but they will significantly lower the chances that your senior loved one will reach for a hot pan and accidentally set the oven mitt on fire. Store oven mitts on the counter, hang them by the stove, or keep them somewhere else that’s in plain view and within easy reach so that your senior loved one can grab them easily.

Get Some Supervision

Home care assistance providers can help seniors cook the healthy meals they want to eat. With the help of a home care assistance provider your senior loved one will be able to safely cook even complicated meals. And a home care assistance provider can share those meals with your senior loved one and keep them company too.

Avoid Loose Clothes

Your senior loved one should always wear well fitted clothing when cooking. Long, loose sleeves and billowy tops can catch fire if your loved one is standing too close to the burner of a gas stove. If your loved one must wear loose fitting sleeves then make sure that they tie back the sleeves using sleeve garters while they are cooking so that they are not take the risk that their sleeves will catch on fire. Or your senior parent can choose not to cook but can assist a home care provider in making a meal.

Get A Fire Smothering Blanket

It’s a smart idea to have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen no matter what, but you should also have a fire smothering blanket. The fire smothering blanket is small and easy to store but it will put out flames in just seconds. And if something on the stove is sparking your senior loved one may only have seconds to extinguish it. Fire Extinguisher blankets are less than $20 in most places so you should plan on getting several of them for both your senior loved one’s home and your own home. They’re a great item to have in your home safety kit.

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