Home Care Manchaca TX - Home Care Help for Meal Prep Ideas for Seniors

Home Care Help for Meal Prep Ideas for Seniors

Malnutrition is a big problem for seniors. There are a lot of things that contribute to malnutrition in seniors like medications that cause appetite loss, depression, or difficulty cooking and preparing healthy meals. If your senior loved one isn’t eating enough and you’re concerned about malnutrition some simple meal prepping may make it easier for your senior loved one to eat the healthy meals they need. A home care provider can help prep meals and encourage your senior loved one to eat. If your senior parent doesn’t already have a home care provider now is the time to find out more about the many ways that home care can help seniors.

You can also use these tips to prep meals ahead for your senior loved one:

Keep It Simple

The number one rule of meal prepping is to keep it simple. Meals should be simple and easy to reheat. Choose a menu for the week the incorporates many of the same ingredients so you can prepare a big batch of the same ingredient at one time. You may also want to build a menu around whatever vegetables are in season so that you can buy them at the farmer’s market in bulk instead of searching for them in the grocery store.

Pick A Meal Prep Day

Do meal prep on the same day each week. Schedule out a few hours to cook and prepare all of the meal ingredients. Your senior loved one would probably enjoy helping you prep their meals and cooking together will be a fantastic thing for the two of you do together. Make it an event and turn on fun music and really enjoy the time spent together.

One Protein, Two Veggies

If you don’t want to prepare full meals and your senior parent isn’t the kind of person who wants to eat a large meal a smart way to prep is to prepare a bunch of different proteins like shredded chicken or ground beef and then prepare a bunch of different veggie options and a few sauces and just put them all in the fridge and freezer. That way all your senior loved one has to do is pick out one protein of their choice and two veggies of their choice for a meal. It gives your senior loved one the freedom to choose what they want to eat for each meal.

Don’t Forget Snacks

Make sure that you are also prepping snacks for your senior loved one. A great way to prep snacks is to put individual portions of things like chips or pretzels or popcorn into plastic baggies and store them in a cupboard so that when your senior loved one wants a snack they can just grab a baggie. If there’s no room in the pantry or cupboard to store snacks you can use a plastic shoe organizer hung on the back of the pantry door and put a snack bag in each of the plastic sections.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/what-to-know-about-malnutrition-in-older-adults#1

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Senior Home Care Cedar Park TX - Encourage Your Senior to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Encourage Your Senior to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

September is National Fruit and Veggies Month which might cause you to ask yourself if your senior is eating enough produce on a daily basis. Several options can make that easier for your senior, including enlisting help from senior home care services.

Make Fruits and Veggies Easy to Access and Eat with Senior Home Care Assistance

Senior Home Care Cedar Park TX - Encourage Your Senior to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Senior Home Care Cedar Park TX – Encourage Your Senior to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

When vegetables and fruits are difficult to eat or are complicated in any way, that’s likely going to keep your senior reaching for something that is a lot easier to grab. Talk to your senior about what makes some fruits and vegetables difficult. Are they too hard to eat comfortably? Consider using those fruits and vegetables in smoothies or cook them to an edible texture. Pre-chopping produce and making sure it’s clean and ready to eat makes this so much easier.

Add Veggies and Fruits to Other Foods

Another way to increase your senior’s intake of fruits and veggies is to add them into other foods. That could be putting them in smoothies, soups, and even in other types of foods, like sandwiches or breads. Vegetables in particular are easy to add into other recipes when they’re grated and included in those other foods.

Make Eating More Produce a Game for Your Senior

It can also help if you make eating fruits and vegetables fun for your senior. If she enjoys lighthearted competition, you can make it a game to see which of you are able to hit your fruit and veggie target every day for a set amount of time. Pick a reward that your senior is motivated by and see if you can both get your produce intake up.

Replace Less Healthy Side Dishes with Fruit or a Salad

Side dishes are where your senior might most benefit from veggies or fruit. A side of French fries can be tasty once in a while but swapping that out for fruit or for a small side salad ups your senior’s produce intake and helps her to eat just a little bit healthier. This doesn’t have to happen in every single meal, but even a few times a week can make a difference in the nutrition your senior is getting.

Senior home care providers can make meal preparation so much easier for your elderly family member. Senior home care providers can do a lot of the prep work, like making sure fruits and veggies are ready to eat, and that reduces so much of the effort.

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Caregiver Round Rock TX - Caregiver Tips to Adding Greens to Your Mom's Diet

Caregiver Tips to Adding Greens to Your Mom’s Diet

Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month in June by looking at one of the best vegetables to keep stocked. Leafy greens come in a wide variety of options and provide ample nutrients to an older adult’s diet. As her caregiver, check out all of the benefits that come from adding greens to your mom’s meals and snacks.

The Nutritional Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

The nutritional benefits of leafy greens vary from one plant to the next. However, expect most greens to contain these vitamins and minerals.

Calcium – Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth. It also makes sure that muscles function correctly.

Folate – Vitamin B-9 or folate is essential in the formation of red blood cells. It also helps cells grow and function properly.

Iron – Iron makes the protein in red blood cells that help with oxygen transportation from the lungs to other areas of the body. It also helps with central nervous system health.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A benefits both your vision and your immune system. It helps with cell growth throughout the body.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is probably the one you’re more familiar with. It’s an antioxidant that helps with iron absorption, tissue repair, and protects against damage from free radicals.

Vitamin E – Fighting free radicals is one of the critical roles vitamin E takes on. The antioxidants in Vitamin E can stop damage to cells caused by things like air pollution or UV rays. It can also help the immune system.

Vitamin K – Blood clotting is one of the biggest roles vitamin K has in the body. It also helps regulate calcium levels, which helps the bones.

Types of Leafy Greens to Keep Stocked

Cooked collard greens are a great side dish with any meal. They’re also very high in many vitamins and contain calcium.

Kale is one of the best leafy greens to keep in the refrigerator. It’s rich in many nutrients and is versatile. Baby kale leaves are great in salads. Larger leaves can have the stems removed and be sauteed or steamed as a side dish. Add the leaves to smoothies, too.

Spinach is a good source of iron. Eat baby spinach leaves in a salad or steam it as a side dish. It’s also one of the easiest greens to grow if your mom and dad enjoy gardening.

The small, peppery leaves of watercress are a great addition to a chicken or tuna salad sandwich. They’re also good in salads.

Ask Your Mom About Her Cooking Habits

Help your mom improve her daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals by making sure she has homecooked meals. If she’s relying on canned or frozen meals because they’re easier to make, it’s time to change that.

How a Professional Caregiver can Help

Caregiver aides can stop by, keep her company, and help her with meal and snack preparation. While the caregiver aides are with your mom each week, she can also have them help with other daily activities like housework, transportation, and personal care. Talk to a specialist to learn more about these and other helpful caregiver services.

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Home Care Pflugerville TX - Health Conscious Tips for Eating Healthy

Home Care Help for Health Conscious Tips for Eating Healthy

Whenever a holiday or family gathering comes around, you might notice that your elderly loved one starts eating unhealthy. With some holidays, your elderly loved one may even be sitting around much more than they normally are. If this is the case, it is important to talk to your elderly loved one about being more health conscious around the gathering. There are actually many health conscious tips for the holidays that could benefit your elderly loved one all year long. Their home care providers can help them with these tips too.

Homely Foods

What does your elderly loved one usually eat around the holidays? Are they often snacking on pies and overeating during meals? If this is happening, it would be a good idea to plan ahead. Talk to your elderly loved one about their calorie intake and about eating healthier. One of the tips that can help your elderly loved one to eat healthier is to make homely foods. For instance, if they really enjoy Italian food, you can look online with them to find healthy Italian food recipes. The more your elderly loved one gets involved in choosing the recipes, the more likely they will be to eat better around the holidays.

Keep Moving

Another great tip for your elderly loved one to be healthier around festive gatherings is to keep them moving. Many people will sit down a lot around the events. One reason for this is because they are socializing. If this is what your elderly loved one usually does, convince them to get up and move around more. You or one of the home care providers could walk with them. You can also encourage your elderly loved one to walk while they are on the phone with their family members and friends. This can be a great way for them to get more steps in.

Drinking Healthier

Does your elderly loved one usually drink unhealthy around these events? Whether they are drinking too much pop or alcohol, there are healthier options. Some of the healthier things your elderly loved one can drink include tea, water, and smoothies. There are many different teas and smoothies that you or a senior care provider could make for your elderly loved one.

Home Care Services can Help

These are some of the many health conscious tips for eating, drinking, and moving better around the gatherings. If your elderly loved one normally struggles to stay healthy around any holiday throughout the year, hopefully, these tips can help them to do better this year. If they still need help, maybe you or a home care aide could be an accountability partner.

Sources: https://newsinhealth.nih.gov/2016/11/healthy-holiday-foods-fun

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