We improve your life by providing compassionate one on one care in the comfort of your own home.


Designed to meet the individual needs of your loved one.


Are you looking for a rewarding profession where you can make a difference, everyday!


Our mission is to help seniors live independently and age gracefully in their own home. We choose to make a difference in the lives of the elderly and their families who love them. The Halo Senior Care Team will perform its’ collective duties with confidence, concern, commitment, and care. We will treat every contact as a friend, every client as family, and perform every task with honor. We are locally owned and community involved.


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Our Services

Our caregivers provide personalized service in helping your loved one with their bathing needs. Our caregivers are trained to provide showers, bed baths, hair care, and skin care.

Our caregivers provide companionship on a daily basis, such as talking, gardening, games, walks, picnics, or visiting friends and relatives. We taper our day according to our clients needs.

Our caregivers assist clients with dressing for the appropriate weather and  individual preferences.  We assist with daily grooming such as  brushing teeth and moisturizing their skin.

We can transport your loved one to doctor appointments, the salon, shopping, errands, visiting of friends or family, personal appointments, or just go for a leisurely drive.

Our caregivers love pets. We are able to assist with your pets needs while caring for you at home.  We help with walking your four legged friends, cleaning the litter box, ensuring they have water and are fed routinely.

Our agency always charges the same rate that is stated in your contract whether its weekdays or weekends.

We NEVER charge extra for holidays, we will provide you with the same great care at your hourly rate.

Some of the services we provide are: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, organizing closets, changing linens, laundry, changing bedding, take out the trash, sweeping and mopping.

Our caregivers are trained to assist clients who utilize canes, walkers, mobility carts, or gait belts.  We also have caregivers trained with transfers, wheelchairs, and hoyer lifts.

The most important part of good incontinence care is to ensure both the physical and emotional comfort of your loved one.  Our caregivers are experienced with clients who use urinals, bedside commodes, depends, or catheters.

Our goal is to taper to the clients preferences and special dietary needs. We encourage the client to participate in the planning of each meal.

This care is set up for the individuals who are looking for regular routine care several times per week. These clients may require assistance in: bathing; dressing; ambulating; transportation; meals preparation; etc.

This care is available to clients who have been recently hospitalized or are coming out of a rehab setting. Care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may be reduced as the clients condition improves.

Our caregivers can remind your loved one to take their medication at the prescribed time, open and close a medication container, return a medication to the proper storage area, and assist in reordering medications from the pharmacy.

This care is based upon a two or four hour minimum and is charged an hourly rate, accordingly.